Procedure Overview

Rhinoplasty or Nasal (nose) contouring is an operative procedure intended to permanently alter the shape of the nose. The changes can be subtle or dramatic. The closed or open approach can be utilized. In the closed method all incisions are placed inside of the nose, there are no visible external scars. In the open technique incisions are placed both inside the nose and also on the outside surface in well-hid locations. The closed and open approaches both have advantages and disadvantages. I currently use each approach approximately 50% of the time.

Rhinoplasty ranges from relatively minor changes such as skin modifications to change the shape of the nostrils to more dramatic changes that modify the cartilaginous and bony framework of the nose. The specific procedure for a given person depends on that person’s specific nasal characteristics and goals.

Operative Time

1 hour to 4 hours (Depending upon the extent of the proposed procedure)


Local with IV sedation


Prolonged swelling, visible scarring, and asymmetry have been reported. Although rare, prolonged difficulty with breathing and loss of smell can occur.


2 weeks acceptable appearance at social distance. May take 9-12 months to realize the final result

Rhinoplasty Before and After Photos