Fat Transfer

Procedure Overview

Fat transfer is a technique where fat is removed from areas of the body with relative excess (donor area) and transferred to an area of relative lack of volume (recipient area). Fat can be transferred FROM almost any area TO almost any area of the face and body. Once transferred, the result is usually permanent, although more than one session may be required to achieve the desired volume. Interestingly, the transferred fat takes on the characteristics of the area it is transferred to. i.e. if transferred to the lips, the lips look and feel entirely natural.

The most common donor sites are the abdomen, hips, and inner or outer thighs. The most common recipient areas are the lips, the upper cheek, chin, the brow roll, and the buttocks as well as contour depressions after liposuction.

Operative Time

1/2 to 2 hours, depending on areas treated


Usually local with sedation


Although rare, irregularities and contour abnormalities have been reported


5-10 days to appear acceptable from social distances