“Dr. Bland did a great job and staff was great.”

- Amanda H.

“Very professional and confident – I am very pleased with the results!  The staff the ambiance of the rooms, great relaxing atmosphere.  Don’t know that you can improve 100% satisfaction!”

- Jessica H.

“Did a great job with me.  Hear his name (Dr. Bland) come up all the time from people I don’t even know.”  “Real Comfortable.”

- Karri D.

“They take very good care of their patients.”

- Teresa R.

“Comfortable, great staff, very helpful and kind.”

- Lisa M.

“He did a good job thru the whole process and I was comfortable.  Comfortable, relaxing environment.”

- A.S.

“Friendly, comfortable environment, cleanliness and professionalism.”

- A.G.

“Very professional and have had nothing but good comments.”  “Very friendly and professional staff.”

- A.A.G.

“He’s a great surgeon who really tries hard to achieve the results you want.”  “I like that it’s so convenient being right here where you know everyone.”

- Sharon D.

“Very caring and a good doctor.” “Relaxing atmosphere, staff is great.”

- Susan K.

“He was highly recommended by my friends and I am happy with my results.”

- S.A.

“You guys were great!” “Feels more like a spa than a Dr.’s office.”

- Kim W.

“I would most definitely refer my friends to Dr. Bland.  He and staff are truly kind, caring people that exceeded my expectations at all times.”  “The Surgery Center is convenient, easy in and out, pretty surroundings, peaceful here.”

- Jennifer R.

“I feel he does a great job and very comfortable.  The Surgery Center is quiet and safe.”

- Taura T.

“I think Dr. Bland is a wonderful doctor and very considerate.  The staff is very friendly.”

- L.M.H.

“Dr. Bland and my Nurse, Amy is what I liked most about the Surgery Center.”

- Jessica T.

“Very friendly and comfortable to be around. ”

- Michelle M.

“Dr. Bland’s surgery was the best and most comfortable.  He and his staff have comfort and cosmetic improvement mastered.  Truly speaks volumes of his expertise and experience.”

- Susan C.

“Knowledgeable, experienced, explained procedures well, did a nice job with the surgery, discount for medical practitioners, comfortable atmosphere, nice staff.”

- J.B.N.

“The Staff is very nice to the patient.  Dr. Bland is very friendly, answers all questions.”

- Alexa D.

“Warm, friendly, professional would absolutely refer my friends.”

- Mona R.

“Very friendly and professional.  I was very comfortable the whole time.”

- Kristi G.

“I would refer my friends because of the knowledge, variety of services and staff”.

- Tami H.

“Very professional and friendly – made me feel comfortable.”  “Prompt appointment times, friendly staff.”

- Jamie J.