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“Dr. Bland did a great job and staff was great.”

- Amanda H.

“Very professional and confident – I am very pleased with the results!  The staff the ambiance of the rooms, great relaxing atmosphere.  Don’t know that you can improve 100% satisfaction!”

- Jessica H.

“Did a great job with me.  Hear his name (Dr. Bland) come up all the time from people I don’t even know.”  “Real Comfortable.”

- Karri D.

“They take very good care of their patients.”

- Teresa R.

“Comfortable, great staff, very helpful and kind.”

- Lisa M.

“He did a good job thru the whole process and I was comfortable.  Comfortable, relaxing environment.”

- A.S.

“Friendly, comfortable environment, cleanliness and professionalism.”

- A.G.

“Very professional and have had nothing but good comments.”  “Very friendly and professional staff.”

- A.A.G.

“He’s a great surgeon who really tries hard to achieve the results you want.”  “I like that it’s so convenient being right here where you know everyone.”

- Sharon D.

“Very caring and a good doctor.” “Relaxing atmosphere, staff is great.”

- Susan K.

“He was highly recommended by my friends and I am happy with my results.”

- S.A.

“You guys were great!” “Feels more like a spa than a Dr.’s office.”

- Kim W.

“I would most definitely refer my friends to Dr. Bland.  He and staff are truly kind, caring people that exceeded my expectations at all times.”  “The Surgery Center is convenient, easy in and out, pretty surroundings, peaceful here.”

- Jennifer R.

“I feel he does a great job and very comfortable.  The Surgery Center is quiet and safe.”

- Taura T.

“I think Dr. Bland is a wonderful doctor and very considerate.  The staff is very friendly.”

- L.M.H.

“Dr. Bland and my Nurse, Amy is what I liked most about the Surgery Center.”

- Jessica T.

“Very friendly and comfortable to be around. ”

- Michelle M.

“Dr. Bland’s surgery was the best and most comfortable.  He and his staff have comfort and cosmetic improvement mastered.  Truly speaks volumes of his expertise and experience.”

- Susan C.

“Knowledgeable, experienced, explained procedures well, did a nice job with the surgery, discount for medical practitioners, comfortable atmosphere, nice staff.”

- J.B.N.

“The Staff is very nice to the patient.  Dr. Bland is very friendly, answers all questions.”

- Alexa D.

“Warm, friendly, professional would absolutely refer my friends.”

- Mona R.

“Very friendly and professional.  I was very comfortable the whole time.”

- Kristi G.

“I would refer my friends because of the knowledge, variety of services and staff”.

- Tami H.

“Very professional and friendly – made me feel comfortable.”  “Prompt appointment times, friendly staff.”

- Jamie J.

jammerler Avatar
Dr. Bland and his staff are so amazing. I contemplated my surgery for a year and a half after seeing him for my first consultation. And when I went in again the second time, he remembered me. I was very nervous for my surgery but the day I went in for it, everyone was so kind and understanding. I would have it all over again because of how comfortable they made me feel. And the results made me cry, he did such an amazing job with my breast lift. Right out of the bandages they took my breath away, and they are only going to get better while healing. I recommend EVERYONE to him, not only because he does a fantastic job, but he and his whole office cares about YOU.
jammerler 8/12/2020
shannon Russell Avatar
I am an old-timer. I do NOT have to access his site, nor do I have to leave any feedback. I met him, and his lovely wife while a middle age nurse in Colorado Springs. I had friends who had gone to him for breast Augmentations and had many positive comments about his expertise, dedication to excellence and attention to detail. I've not lived in Co Springs for almost 20 years, and I've been told that I still have the best, most realistic and natural breast that anyone else has seen.
shannon Russell 8/12/2020
Erica Haas Avatar
We love doctor bland, his staff, and his work! Everyone is very professional and attentive.
Erica Haas 8/12/2020
Erin Parker Is A Sweetheart Avatar
I had a breast augmentation in 2006!! They feel amazing and I've never had a problem!! I dont do drugs and had a problem with feeling high after surgery... They had a reversal and hydration IVs ready as soon as I came out of surgery.. and very carrying nurses!! The fact that Dr. Bland knew to put drains in and go under the muscle has astounded me!! My WIFE and DOCTOR didnt even know they were fake til I told them!!! I trust Dr. Bland and his wife with everything!!
Erin Parker Is A Sweetheart 8/12/2019
Michelle Bueno Avatar
I have had several procedures done by Dr Bland. I trust him 100%. He is very thorough, explains everything and answers all your questions. And the results are always amazing! I appreciate that the entire office treats you like you are family. I cannot speak highly enough of this office. I have referred my friends and family to Dr Bland.
Michelle Bueno 8/12/2019
Mikayla Avatar
Dr. Bland and his team went above and beyond for me! They not only answered my constant questions that involved me calling everyday lol but they as well perfected my every need. It’s day one and I wish you could see the results of me breast augmentation, it looks like they have settled for over a few months already. Completely amazing!!!
Mikayla 8/12/2019
Pamela Joye Miller Avatar
I am over 50 years old and decided to finally get a breast augmentation after all these years of wanting them. Dr. Bland is extremely knowledgeable and thorough in the entire process. I am very happy with the entire process, and my decision in the size I chose and how they look post op. His entire staff is great, the cost was fantastic and I am forever grateful and very happy with my results! I highly recommend him to anyone wanting them. I also followed pre-op and post-op instructions 100%, I read all materials so I would know the risks and preventative measures to reduce risks of capsular contracture, etc. My only regret is I didn't do this sooner!
Pamela Joye Miller 8/12/2018
Colleen Badgley Avatar
Dr. Bland and his staff are miracle workers! I just turned 60, and my after picture is 10 months post operation. Love the results!
Colleen Badgley 8/12/2018
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Sylvia Perez Avatar
Dr. Brands work is beyond amazing!
Sylvia Perez 8/12/2017
Alice Khosravi Avatar
Alice Khosravi 8/12/2017
Ashlee Maltz Avatar
I talked with 3 other plastic surgeons before deciding on who to go to for my breast augmentation. Dr Bland was the only one that was all about me maintaining as much of a natural look as possible, and he was by far the most informative surgeon I saw. His office staff is equally as professional and friendly. I was really nervous before hand, but I could not be happier with my results. I had no post-op complications whatsoever, was actually off all pain meds and back to every day life within 2 days! Highly recommend Dr Bland and his suggestions! He's been around for as long as he has for a reason.
Ashlee Maltz 8/12/2016
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