Nipple & Areola Reduction

Procedure Overview

Nipple Reduction
Nipple Reduction is indicated for women who perceive their nipples as large. Excess tissue is excised to reduce the nipple to a smaller size, usually without visible scars.

Areola Reduction
Areola Reduction is indicated for women who wish a reduction in the size of the pigmented skin around the nipples. Excess pigmented skin is excised.

Inverted Nipples
Inverted Nipples occur when the nipples do not have normal projection. In some cases the nipples are inverted only intermittently, however, in others the nipples are always inverted. The condition can be present on one or both sides.

A small incision is placed at the base of the nipple and fibrous bands responsible for the inversion are divided. A temporary absorbable suture is then placed maintaining the nipple in the projected position.

Operative Time

30 minutes to 1 hour


Local or Local with IV Sedation


Rare infections and bleeding


One to two weeks

Nipple & Areola Reduction Before and After Photos